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I'm behind the times.

Hello. I wrote a christmas fic. Which I oh-so-smartly forgot to share. And I figured, eh, why not, even if it does suck. I mentioned liking attention, didn't I? Yeah, well, I like attention.

The reason this fic is being posted now instead of, um, Christmas is that I got distracted on that Hetalia Christmas Event. For five whole days. It was fun, and if you didn't do it, then you are a) sane b) clever c) but you missed out.

So, summary. Here:

Title: The Ride in Santa's Sleigh That Went Incredibly Wrong (And That's Not a Euphemism for Anything.)
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Uh, let's see. Monaco, Liechtenstein, OC!Sardinia, Finland, mentions of others. Rating: T+
Warnings:  Um, some swearing, my crappy writing, some other stuff but it's not a big deal.
Summary: Gauken setting. After being snowed in at The World Academy for Christmas, Liechtenstein, Monaco and (OC) Sardinia are forced to find a way out. (Wow, I suck at describing things more than I thought I did.)

Oh, here, just have it.

You can imagine there is something witty here.Collapse )


I hate l lj cutsCollapse ) And apparently, Lj cuts hate me back. The last chapter of my Liechtenstein fic should be up soon. I'm just reaallly slow at writing ... and everything else, now that I come to think of it.

Oooh, I wrote some more bad fanfic.

Yep, I'm back. And I am very, incredibly, totally and utterly sorry for what you're about to read. If anyone's reading it, that is. I-I hope they are... *Blushes* Here, just have it. It's the second chapter to the one I wrote the other day. Oh, and I decided that it is going to be out of 3 chapters.

You can read the first part here.

Title: Waiting [Chapter 2/3]
Author/Artist: C'est moi! (thebookbug5)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Liechtenstein, um, almost everyone in Europe, plus an OC (I'M SO SORRY.), mentions of many others. Implied GerIta, if you squint.
Rating: T+
Warnings: Let's see, bad language, OOC-ness, an OC getting waaaaay too much screen time. IT's quite a fail, actually.
Summary: Initially, it's what happened when Switzerland dissapears. In this chapter, since Switzerland is supposedly gone, comes the question what on earth should they do with his house?

Hey, do you know how much I hate LJ cuts? They hate me back, as well.

Work, work, work, please, work!Collapse ) And I'm done.

Sometimes, I write bad fanfic.

Or, I wrote some fanfiction that is not particularly good, and for some reason am putting it up on the internet. Because I like attention. Even if it's bad attention.

You want a summary? Okay, then. It centers around Liechtenstein, because I wanted to write her. (I actually wanted to write a Swiss/Liech fic, but then I saw this video, and it inspired me to write whatever it is this is.) It's a two shot, so the entire fail of it does not overwhelm you that much. Oh, and everyone who appears in this is bound to be horribly out of character. I'm so ashamed. D':


It's a real cut. Unless it decides to fail.Collapse )And now that I've embaressed myself on the internet, I'm going to do homework.

Oh, and if you would like to comment with some critism (or praise works too), then feel free! *Hopeful*

I really have nothing to say.

Then why are you making the post then? Beats me.

Hell, I shouldn't even be writing this ... because I should be writing fanfic. Or at least, I feel like I should. My sister thinks that is what I should be doing. Oh, and I also need to write those epically overdue reviews! And that homework! And and and and ...

*Headdesk and subsequently dies*

Whatever. I just really wanted to tell that imaginary audience that I ordered some plushies. (From Hong Kong, so I hope they get here all right. ^_^) But aren't you to old for plushies? Nope. I'm about as mature as a 7 year old, and at my height, I could probably pass for one. Naturally, there Hetalia. I got France, Japan and Romano. (So cuuute.)

<s>I also kind of wanted to show of my icon.</s>

I need to end on a happy note, so I'll just leave this here. Hahahahaha, oops. I hope this works ...Collapse )

So ... I have failed to update in a while, so if there has been anyone has been anticipating my every move, hoping desperatly for a new post, then I am deeply sorry. However, I deeply doubt that this is the case, so whatever.

Because of this, please except my humble offering of a fanfic. Or at least, I hope you will once I finish writing it. I ahve so many idea's, but the ones that will make it out of my head and into my notebook and then finally, onto my laptop are few. The idea's that have gone through such a long and dull editing process are as follows: A really rather complicated LeitPol (What can I say? There my Hetalia OTP.)  fic, which is going to involve Russia and Belarus in some (Hopefully comical) way, a Switzerland/Liechtenstein fanfic. (Did you know I'm a shipper? Because I didn't, not until last monday.) I do not have a clue as to how I am going to make that ... not messed up.

Also, if you read my New X - Men fanfic, which I am not too proud of but whatever. Chapter 11 is going to be up soon. I promise.

And now for the random crap that you probably do not want to know about:

Yay, it's half term and I do not have to get up every morning. Anyway, I kind of feel like I'm talking to myself here. My copy of X - 23 #2 hasn't come yet and it is taunting me as everyone else seems to have it. Also, Hellion got stabbed again. Julian is my favourite character, but I find it really amusing as to how many times Marvel can rough him up in a month. Morning Glories, appears as if it's going to be intersting, in the least.  I'm not too impressed with the new X -Men serie - I am so incredibly over vampires. I'm justing waiting for Chris Bachalo to come along and work his wonders. 

As, I am a nerdgirl of all kinds - this post would not be complete if I did not talk about books. Proper ones, with words not pictures. Have any of my (probably, as it feels like I am talking to myself) imaginary audience read any of the When I Was Joe book - because I think you should. They are some of the best books I have read recently. The plots are so good. Of course, you should also read Scatterheart by Lili Wilkinson. Your life will not be complete if you have not read that book. It is amazing, and I shall say nothing more. Naturally, I have reviewed both of these books over at my other blog. So feel free tot ake a look. (What can I say? Shameless Self Promoting.)

I think that I'll conclude with this:


Why, hello there.

I seem to have found my way here. What shall become of this blog I seem to have made? What shall I do on it? What kind of posts shall I write?

That ... is a very good question, really. I am mainly here to talk about what intersts me. Whether I am an intersting person is up to you. But my obsessions include fangirling over the current X-Men comics (X-23 #1 was bloody amazing.), Axis Powers Hetalia (Liet/Pol and Spain/Romano and US/UK and Italy/Germany shipper and Russia and Canada and France and Everyone Else not - as a - ship fangirl.) and various othe things that I feel like talking about. Oh, and I should warn you that there may be a rather large amount of whiny posts.

And, while I am it - I shall do some shameless self promoting. LInks towards my other accounts and websites that I ahev created, mostly on a whim. Like I did this one.

My other blog - I review books and stuff on here - clicky.

On Comic Book Resources I am known as antidote5. And on ComicVine I am known as thebookbug5 - but because there is somethign from preventing me from logging in so I am not posting very much on there.

And I shall now link to my (terrible) Fanfiction.net account. Clicky.

I am now going to do my best impression of a Yoai fangirl and write slashfic that no one will ever see and write those reviews I should ahve done a ... while ago. And make icons.

I'll just leave this here.